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  • I am so amazed. I needed to keep my man at home and Ancient Road's Kananga Water Worked!!! Thank YOU! A.J, San Francisco, CA



  • Phew! If it wasn't for Ancient Road's Hot Foot Powder Miss Maya recommended I'd still be living next to the world's worst neighbor. The powder was extremely effective and corrected my problem quickly. Within two weeks all of the roommates had left over disputes and my neighbor was packing up for a permanent move to Maine. Success!

    Adam, S. Sacramento, CA


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This Florida Water is everything it claims to be. Delicious odor, strong clean quality, stored in glass. When I first opened the bottle I spilled a fe [...]

29 Aug 2015

Hi Shira! Sorry for the delay to your comment but I was in the mountains with no reception! Anyway, I do not use salt and vinegar together. Salt tends [...]

21 Aug 2015

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